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  • Bags in Progress

  • After three years of study and research, Bags in Progress was founded in 2010 to provide better bags for a modern lifestyle. 

    The idea is to focus on designing products that are relevant to people’s living patterns and activities rather than following fashion trends. Therefore, the pieces are made in timeless forms that will continue to look fresh and be used for a very long time. 

    Absolute durability and simplicity of form with true functionality and uniqueness of details are the essence of the design that are mainly adopted from military bags and industrial tool bags as well as anonymous vintage bags. Heavy–duty materials and hardware are favorably used in clean modern forms to pursue a comprehensive combination of old and new, or softness and roughness. 

    Every detail and size of each bag is decided with meaning, and materials carefully chosen to fit each function where it is allocated in order to maximize its characteristic. Based on the philosophy of classic American accessory designs, all styles can be folded flat for easier travel and less room to be stored, and each piece is designed to be layered with another to serve further function. 

    All pieces are made in a small craft shop in the New York City with special care for quality and attention to details. Bags in Progress continue to be in progress of making things better fit to anyone’s lifestyle.


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